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Welcome to ‘form’! This is where GD400: Screen-based Interaction Design and GD 517: Experimental Typography will come together to share work and thoughts. With your help this site will be growing in many ways over the course of the semester. Projects will be documented here and receive critique from a range of designers [and some non-designers] both locally and from a distance. Questions will be posed for discussion and each of you will be posting a series of writings.

Please invite your fellow student designers to take part as well—all are welcome. We’re on our way . . .

posted by Tony Brock on January 10, 2005 | comments: 1 | post a comment

I keep wanting the type, the individual forms of letter symbols that represent "ooh and ahh and such" to take on behaviors of other classic art mediums - like water color's blendedness, smudge stick's tactility, charcoal's dusting on top of the page tooth, and such. I mean I REALLY want to appropriate it ALL and not just echo it - as my interaction with type and type design/creation develops. I think THIS is the way to bring in the HAND of the artist, the hand and not just the metaphor-making clever mind.

Posted by Alien Lover (a.k.a. J.Gladstone) on January 12, 2005 12:39 PM