Virtual Gallery at College of Design
After a bit of a struggle, I've arrived at an interesting point. I've come to the realization that I'm much more interested in the broadcasting aspect of my original proposal and I think that generating ALL the content as a...
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The CAMvas project
The CAMvas project creates an opportunity to spell out CAM to the public, position it confidently, and create new ways of engaging the community. It ensures CAM’s physical existence and influence in the present, even without a completed building....
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Visualizing CAM: Promotional Branding for CAM
Good design is intelligent and an investment in the future. It develops a strong base for further growth, change, and opportunity. With a contemporary art museum, branding is more than a look; it facilitates the overall perception and personal connection...
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CAM Video Proposal
The purpose of this video is to engage the larger audience of CAM in dialogue that will spark off new ideas, approaches, and results. This video will combine interview footageand illustrative or experimental graphics to create a self-contained capsule of the beginning of CAM-ICD. I need contributions and ideas about what the video could be or do, who should be interviewed, and what should the dialogue be.
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All things ROUTINE
Post notes, brain-storming, questions, comments on all things //routine//—
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CAM: Research, Dialog
This is a GENERAL thread on all things CAM. Please post questions, research, comments—
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A [New] Fundamentals for Art and Design
I'm keen on seniors revisiting fundamentals just prior to their transition to practice. Reflecting on your experiences, what are the [New] Fundamentals for Art and Design? What are the specific issues/terms and HOW do they relate with each other?
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Goals, Hopes, Semester Thoughts
You all know that we will be working with the Contemporay Art Museum (CAM) here in Raleigh. Before we get into with our regular meetings and specifics with CAM, what are your personal goals for the semester and hopes for the course?
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