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I will be posting specific information concerning GD517: Experimental Typography here. This info will be more along the lines of housekeeping and comments on projects. ‘Form’
will be for broader discussion between you and the 400 studio. Please ask questions concerning assignments, schedules, etc. on this site and I will post replies.

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This course will rely on your existing mastery of the following: anatomy of letterforms, typeface classification, typographic history, sensitivity to the unique formal characteristics of individual typefaces, sensitivity to the formal variables in typographic design (including: face, weight, color, point size, lead, kerning, letterspace), sensitivity to compositional dynamics (including: figure/ground, flow, hierarchy, content/form relationship), and understanding of the relationship between visual and verbal language. With this foundation, the ‘boundaries’ of typographic communication will be explored, new media will be employed, design process and ideation will be expanded, and habits will be subverted or broken. The primary objective will be to build confidence in typographic design through one’s inherent interest in the art and willingness to experiment. You will edit, curate, write, paint, build, destroy, author, sketch, mime, manipulate, expose, and find a voice for yourself in typographic design—or so the plan is.

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