Schedule, etc.

A fourth of the semester is gone—hard to believe. I have amended the schedule. Please take a look at it and note the critique dates and project one due dates. Project One [aka: self-defined exercises] will be reviewed every other week. I will schedule a gallery space for these meetings.

You should be well into animating your conjunction. I will visit studios to see where you are on this work. You are welcome to continue edits on your bitmap typefaces and I will post them. After Spring Break, we will begin the second part of Project Two (this will be a non-bitmap modular face).

So, as a review at the quarter point in the semester:
Project One / Self-defined exercises: now biweekly reviews
Project Two / Type design: part one should be well to completion
Project Three / Motion: in progress
. . .
Project Two, part two / after Spring Break
Project Four / Interaction: after Spring Break

The majority of classes will be spent working and in individual review so plan your time wisely and consider the next three-quarters.

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