Several of you are graduating this semester and will not have a type course in the near future so I’d like you ALL of you to do two things. First, take-stock on where you think your type skills are. Are there areas that you personally need to focus? Second, consider the context of this course and list your expectations and specifics that you would like to explore. Please reply to all messages on the forum/forM with your first and last names.

posted by Tony Brock on January 5, 2006 | comments: 14 | post a comment

I would say that I have a good understanding of typography in print. I have done some exploration with motion graphics, about 4 years ago but I have not had any formal training in it. The type of motion pieces I have done before have been purely for entertainment as we discussed in class today. Focusing on understanding screen-based type would be a need of mine. The specifics on what I would like to explore deal with how time-based typography can be used in an organic way that aid in an individual learning something from the experience. In the Man on Fire movie the subtitles began to get at the organic potential that time-based type can embody. It presented the sentences on the screen in a that seemed natural to me reading and watch the images as well as the other subtle letterform changes to reflect the emotional level of the person speak. I wonder how this can be pushed further and applied to other screen-based vehicles. I once created a piece that told a narrative of the beauty of nature and landscape design I don't think it accomplished the goal of presenting the story in a organic way within this time-based medium. I wonder what new insight this class can bring to me in correctly telling that story.

Posted by Reneé Seward on January 9, 2006 08:52 PM

i guess i would say that I have a basic idea of typography but i dont know if that is enough to put me in a good place for potential jobs. I see this class as my final chance to explore what is possible with typography and further my skills. I have done a few things with temporal typography and really enjoy the power we have as designers to control how the audience may read our message by pacing alone. It is amazing how say just one additional second of time can completely change the meaning of something.

Posted by colleen simon on January 9, 2006 10:50 PM

I have much more experience in print design than in temporal/motion design. Being in London and then in the Collection studio, I haven't focused on motion in about a year. I want to use this class to help further my understanding of typography in a new medium. I like how you talked yesterday of translating a book to a film, actually using "text" to inform/educate the audience as designers. Designers make beautiful things (like BNS) but I believe actually including text or information, making the intent clear pushes design to the next level. I want to explore and experiment, as this is my last type class, and tell my story in a new medium.

Posted by adrienne yancey on January 10, 2006 09:34 AM

one more thing, SCALE.

something i need to tackle,
which i think project two will encompass.

Posted by adrienne yancey on January 10, 2006 09:55 AM

My skills in typography have definitely improved over the last year or so, and particularly in the last few months. I developed a better ability in choosing appropriate typefaces and gained a little more sensitivity to making the type function as part of a whole visual experience, but I have nowhere near the control I would like to have in the treatment of my type, like where text sits in a space and how it interacts with and relates to the forms around it. I'm not entering this class with the expectations of coming out a master typographer, but I hope to take away some new perspective on type's relationship with the space it occupies by working in the additional dimension of time.

Posted by Douglas Alexander on January 10, 2006 11:52 AM

I think at this point my type skills are in good shape overall. But with everything else there is room and need for improvement always. Yesterday in class we discussed briefly about typography vs text. Typography being associated with letterforms and appearance. Text being associated with reading, and depending on context "text" could be used to describe type, image, sound.. all of which go back to time. I look forward working with idea of using,making,reading type both for it's appearance/symbol nature/image quality and its relationship to context/time. All of those things together shaken up and yatzeed out on a table, or desktop.

Posted by britt hayes on January 10, 2006 11:59 AM

I think that my type skills are alright, I know they could be better and I certainly want to feel more comfortable working with type; especially since I'm graduating in May. I am interested in screen based type and look foward to working in this realm but I also hope to improve my overall type skills this semester. I'm looking foward to working with type in motion and continuing the idea of story telling through graphic design. The bitmap typeface is intriguing to me, i've never attempted to design a typeface before and am looking foward to that challenge.

Posted by Matt H on January 10, 2006 06:23 PM

My love for typography doesn’t extend much further than print, but that is because of my lack of experience/exposure to motion design, and not my lack of interest in it. I am interested in screen based (temporal) typography, but very intimidated by it. However, when you said yesterday in class to “ease back on it” and to instead to “observe, formulate and question intent,” experimental text felt much more familiar and approachable for me. I’m looking forward to working with time, pacing, duration, narrative, frequency, modulation, sound…and making sense out of it with text (experimentally).

Posted by megan hall on January 10, 2006 09:26 PM

Oh type!! I've fallen in love with type in the past 2 years, in a way I had never imagined. This class is what I (hopefully) have been waiting for and it's the experiments and new ways of looking at type that i'm looking forward too. Recently, I've come to see type as a living, breathing organism and I hope to further my thoughts on that. I don't want to nec. turn it into image, but give it a new presence. Then there's the whole text vs type ordeal which has me excited beyond belief at how to approach my type work. I'm also excited about how I can integrate sound to typography, and how typing can be musical and maybe a poem can sound like a quick jazz peice, while a narrative would be a full blown out orchestra. This will be a fun semester!

Posted by Islam Elsedoudi on January 10, 2006 10:31 PM

I’m interested in the cognitive aspects of temporality—the perception of a moment and/or a story. A five-minute euphoria can seem like only a second long, while a second of panic can feel like a five-minute adrenaline high. I hope to explore the subtle shifts in attention that hold one captive in a moment.

Investigating the ‘membrane’ (maybe not such a specific boundary) between type and image will help me to develop an intimacy/specificity, which I currently struggle to articulate. I look forward to the relationships and behaviors that can emerge from the “what happens when I…?” experiments.

ready set go.

Posted by Amber Howard on January 10, 2006 11:13 PM

I've been skirting around the edges testing the water of motion for the past two semesters and I think its time I jumped in. After Effects intimidates me a bit so chances are I'm going to be bugging people about it. While I've been avoiding After Effects I have been investing a lot of time and ambition into print typography. I've started exploring issues of contrast and content in my type but only in a static environment. I'm excited about all forms narrative and I can only hope that the dynamic environment of the screen will help me move past my assumptions about type.

Posted by rachel gamage on January 10, 2006 11:50 PM

ok. ill just go ahead and put it on the table: i dont really feel comfortable with type. even still. the whole interaction is still kindof hit or miss for me: sometimes i get it, sometimes im way off. (it doesnt help that i find ugly type somehow endearing)
ive always been a fan of handdrawn type, letters going off in all directions not bound by predetermined shape, so i am a little apprehensive about a digital arena. but im hoping that by thinking about type in new ways, in a manner of what its supposed to accomplish moreso than its actual form (which causes so much heartache), that i can get a better understanding of its basic principles. and maybe one day put them to good use!
this being my last semester im hoping that tony and maura will kick my typographic ass (i need it tony!) and i can make some headway towards taming the alphanumeric beast lurking within my soul.
so i guess....yeh. lets start experimenting.

Posted by graham! on January 11, 2006 12:09 AM

I feel like I'm in a ok place with my type as far as print goes. I think there's definately room to keep pushing the envelope, to really start experimenting and exploring what type can do, in combination with image and independant of it. Motion is still intimidating for me, so that is going to be my challenge.

I'm looking forward to aproaching type from new angles, as something that is dynamic and mutable rather than static and unchanging. I'm really excited about the bitmap thing, too. A chance to play and experiment is always good.

Posted by Libby Levi on January 11, 2006 12:19 AM

Type. Well I can't really say I'm deeply in love with it, but I'm a bit fascinated. I feel as though my type skills are sufficient, but I know they can be improved. So, this semester I would like to challenge myself to tackle my typography insecurities and learn to love, appreciate, maybe even develop a crush on type. I'm excited about working with screen base type and temporal type. But I'm even more excited about stories and narratives that will emerge through experimentation!

Posted by candace on January 11, 2006 09:55 AM