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What is your perception of time? Is it fast/slow/both and if so when? Do you conceive of time as linear, multilinear, cyclical, a spiral, or nonexistent? What kind of watch do you wear if you wear a watch? Are you generally early or late? Do you have enough time? How do you structure your time/day/week?

posted by Tony Brock on January 25, 2007 | comments: 8 | post a comment

Time is both slow, fast, and also neither. I think that time is very much cyclical in nature, in the sense of measurement, but as soon as we try to discuss time as experiential it breaks all of the rules. Experience is much different than measurement. The clock is scienceŚwe all believe that the minute hand completes a full rotation in 60min, but our experience with this full rotation "feels" different at different times. 10 minutes can seem as an hour, and an hour much less in our perception. When I was younger, my family's kitchen caught on fire. The whole 10min that it took the Fire Department to arrive felt like multiples of 10 minutes. I don't know the psychological reasons for this perception change. Maybe our bodies' temporal perception is heighted in order to help us in times of crisis.

Perhaps the measurement of time is cyclical (seconds, minutes, hours, days... revolutions around the sun). Perhaps Time is a vector, begining with some event 0 and going in a positive direction as the limit approaches infinity (or a fateful date).

I wear analog watches...

I am generally "on time"

People make [set aside or ration] time [as measured by 24hrs] for the things they love [enjoy/treasure/value]. Do I not have enought time? Perhaps I need to re-evaluate my priorities.

Im not sure that I structure my time...

Posted by AMT on January 25, 2007 05:52 PM

time is a human construct with basis in progression.
both fast and slow as in the times i love and the dentist office.
no watch, phone with digital display.
I have enough time. I have plenty.
Around school, and then around my goals.

Posted by Koger on January 26, 2007 11:49 AM

time worries me.
do i have enough time left?

time is always running. as a result of that realization, i am trying to slow myself down.
ironically i am still dealing with time, whether i feel rushed by it, or ty to "control" it by pacing myself.

i don't wear a watch anymore, but that is because my everyday routine informs me of what time it is, and where i need to be next. I always wake up around the same time. Studio from 10-7... and then what time it is doesn't matter anymore.
I consider time as linear, also because i find that comforting.

Time is a structuring organization/ complex system.
we cannot talk about time, unless we talk about space, and life.
Time helps us sort through content, yet when we attempt to study time, we cannot help ourself but talk about "transition", "evolution", "change" of _ (whatever... life)

That's a truly interesting type of interrelationship - coexistence - the fact that we cannot talk about one without the other... i wonder how many others like that are out there.
good & evil? life & death?
THe idea that we know what one means, but need the other to explain it/ study it/ conceive it... etc.

wow... can we slow down and just think about at that!?

How would we function without time? I wonder... hard to even conceive...

TIME to go.

Posted by 123 on January 26, 2007 09:52 PM

Time is a continuum of being. It is also a construct that we use to deal with change and sequential patterns. We use events as the basis for the structure of time, but in general it is about our consciousness of events. Those events can be in the past, present, or future. Time in this sense is linear but is also multidimensional because our consciousness of events can shift and change, and each person has a different experience of it. Likewise, our experience of time in terms of slowness, quickness, and so on is dictated by our perception of events, the relationships between them, and our value of them.

I wear analog watches.

I am generally early.

I never have enough time.

I structure my time around events and what needs to be accomplished.

Posted by keyframe on January 27, 2007 01:02 AM

i have a cell phone, instead of a watch, and i'm either just barely on time or late. there's always enough time. i do what i need to do in order of priority so if i run out of time, the lower priority things can wait. i don't really believe in time. i guess, things happen in order (so we perceive our existence as somewhat linear), but our world is also repetitive (sun rise/sun set/sun rise, our experience is cyclical). but i think time is just a way to measure the chronology of our existence. it is only apparent in relationship to the experience of change, in ourselves, our thoughts, our surroundings, etc. it's like when you fall asleep and you can no longer experience change, so you lose track of time until you wake up again and see how the sun has moved (or how the clock has moved, depending).

Posted by dptrentl on January 27, 2007 06:21 PM

i have found. that. time is slow when i am in the moment. doing things time is usually slow. but............. time seems as if it has been fast when i think about time in the past. at points, last semester dragged by. but when i think about it now, and the whole semester is in the past, or even when we were at the end of the semester, eating delicious pizza outside of leazar, it felt like it had flown by.
i guess the reason is that when im in the moment, im experiencing so many nuances that i quickly forget. so instead of remembering what songs i tapped my feet to, that i was tapping my feet at all, that a single hair from my mustache was in a tickly position, that i rubbed it multiple times with the top side of my index finger, that i repositioned myself in my seat a few times, that i got distracted by other tabs open in firefox, that i paused to think about what to write next, that i reread what i had already written, that i looked around at my desk as i thought about how to rephrase my sentence, that dana and i exchanged some words about her book, that i listened to other people talking, that i stood up, talked, sat back down. so i did a lot of stuff, and i was aware of it at the time. but [ill say every time but this time, because ive documented it] in the future, ill remember probably none of that, and only remember that i posted a comment to this blog.
also. we got into this a little last semester.. i think i said something that was taken the wrong way during studio while we were sitting around tony, ten minutes later he had to ask me about it because he had taken it the wrong way, i understood how it could be taken the wrong way, and then it led to a similar discussion. none of that last sentence will make sense to anyone but me probably. anyway, later that day i believe, kevin and i showed our portfolios to tony. but before that, i tried to talk to kevin about what i meant, because he thought we had opposite thoughts about it. but anyway. this is how i view life. and this might relate to time. im not exactly sure. the term multilinear made me think about it.
i see life as a sequence of events that is bound to happen [is that to say time is linear? i am not even sure if this is the correct place to talk about this stuff, but i will. hopefully i am addressing how i view time]. there are many different things that could happen [does that address multilinear?] but only one thing [theoretically/technically/whatever?] does happen in any instance. you either do or you dont, or you do one thing instead of a variety of others. you say a certain thing instead of a million other possible things. i think i believe in predestination in the past tense, not the future tense. which might be what free will is anyway. hell if i know. i dont want to think about it anymore right now. oh wait i do. okay. time. i [think i] believe that time is multilinear when looking into the future, but linear when looking at the past. maybe? sheesh. okay that is all for now.

i tried to use i instead of you in most places, because these things have applied to me, although i assume that they have also applied to you.

Posted by critter on January 28, 2007 09:12 PM

I never have enough time, because I try to do too much. I would like to have 48 hour days, but on the condition that I'm the only one who has them. That might allow me to catch up. A "time-turner" might be nice, too (like Hermione uses in "Harry Potter").

My cell phone, computer, and iPod replace my watches. I've always had bad luck with watches, which would inevitably meet ill fates in the laundry, under a car tire, at the painting studio, or in the bath. I've saved faces (Pun always intended. Groan.) from the dead watches and made necklaces and other fun accessories out of them. It's amazing how many comments one can receive from wearing broken watch(es).

I have a fairly reliable internal clock. I can usually guess the time pretty accurately. I relish experiences that cause me to temporarily lose that innate sense of time, like a wonderful 2-hour phone conversation with a friend that seems like 15 minutes, or a film that makes me forget what time (or day) it was when I entered the theatre in the first place.

Posted by Kellissima on January 29, 2007 01:02 AM

time is blah blah blah blah

time is not having to stop a conversation short

time is waiting for something to happen

time is rhythm, but perhaps only you can hear it

time is enjoying a good meal

time is laughing at the jokes

time is not wearing a watch

time is the sun and the moon

time is my heartbeat

Posted by general malarky on January 29, 2007 04:26 PM