Walk Movie

Discuss Walk Movie. Process? Assumptions? Considerations? Approach?

posted by Tony Brock on January 25, 2007 | comments: 9 | post a comment

Process: so far i have tied my camera to my shoe and walked around.

Assumptions: That the movie was about walking.

Considerations: I don't want to wander around and point the camera at things i see.

Approach: See process.

Posted by Koger on January 26, 2007 11:40 AM

What is walk movie? From what we've seen so far, it seems to be interpreted differently by everyone, which is great. I'm glad to see some approaches that are very different from my own.

We haven't viewed my 'walk movies' yet, but I've been trying a variety of things, from manipulating speeds to using sequential still images to convey a sense of time and story.

Also, I need help with time remapping, if anyone can give a tutorial. André tried to teach me last semester, but it didn't stick.

Posted by Kellissima on January 26, 2007 12:14 PM

ok... i'm a little paranoid, but i wondered why Tony would have us work on a "walk movie".. specifically in the context of what we are talking about.

and what is a walking movie? is this some type of secret that has been kept from me all of these years?... and here i thought i was a designer.
does he have an image in his head of what that is? and here we are all guessing what he wants? i hope not

and as we got the assignment the first thing i remember thinking was "i don't want to shoot legs/feet" cause that's a given... or is it?... after seeing some of the movies in class, i'm not sure anymore.

even though i walk everywhere, i never really take the time to look around.
I never wonder around, i walk to/from... with a direction.

so i wondered around. randomly, looked at stuff. looked closer at things I pass by everyday, but don't allow time to just look at.
and that's when i realized the movie wasn't about walking... but (to me) about slowing down and looking closer. before we go somewhere, before i add anything else, it's about things that can be dscovered only through walking.... the passing of TIME and SPACE.

and that's when i landed on patterns.
patterns revealed as time and space go by.
that's my walking movie.

see you around .... wondering

Posted by 123 on January 26, 2007 10:29 PM

process ..assumptions ..considerations ..approach

i guess i just tried to have fun making my walking movie.
and i wanted it to be something other people could have fun watching too. some surprising moments, or some common experiences people can relate too. a little bit of narrative, though mostly that's thanks to critter.

Posted by dptrentl on January 27, 2007 05:44 PM

One of the first things, I thought about when getting this assignment is that a walk movie is a movie about walking. It doesn't have to show legs or shoes. It just has to be about walking. I thought of still frames with shoes and having the sound of walking in the movie. But then, I decided not to overly design it, do something simple and just follow what comes from it. My first movies were continuous time. I just wanted to look at it and see if there was something there. I sat outside my balcony and tried to capture people coming in. The first thing I learned was that not as many people are walking around my place around 5:30, which was weird. But then I started to cherish the walkers as events within a silence. Since there were no camera moves, it was basically a still shot, just a constant picture with very little movement (more sound than anything). I began shooting and the movie would continue until someone walked into and out of the frame. I did six movies. I looked at the one long one I showed in class over and over again. I tried to cut it because it was long but I liked it more like it was. I became more aware of the pictorial space, the held image, the unexpectedness of where the two guys entered the frame, the subtlety and detail that comes from normal life, and slowness.

The other movies veer from that and have more to do with cutting, the speed of playback, changing the view of the camera, and play between still images and held images. I like this project. I wish I had more TIME to work on it. A few walkers, at my whim wouldn't hurt either.

Posted by keyframe on January 27, 2007 06:21 PM

At first trying to not be too complicated. I don't have more than Scott's imaging class to work from... that was the first time I'd worked with a video camera and editing... Initially I tried a still shot taken over a period of time in one room to show the walking that goes through it. But it was entirely contrived because I was the only one home. I think its an idea to possibly expand on in a different place without being staged. I threw in a fun/dumb one because my cat seemed to enjoy it.. But since I know what the camera can do I want to focus more on composition and actually making something more interesting to watch besides a home video...

Posted by tuesday on January 28, 2007 02:21 PM

get the acceptable or typical walking movie out of the way.
consider what walking means to other people.
decide how to represent this stuff.
indezillashop all night. get no sleep. or is it indesillashop?

assume that itll be shown only in this class, preliminary, not final, assume we will refine them as we go on this semester, use other peoples movies as inspiration for our own, work together if we want, think about walking and m-m-m-m-motion in new ways.

people are going to watch my movie,
people are making their own movies,
the group is going to be watching a hundred other walking movies.

Posted by critter on January 28, 2007 07:46 PM

I wasn't there for the assignment, so the only information I got was to make a walking movies.

Walking movie....walking....movie.......walking.....

I thought about time, and attitudes in the united states. We drive because we don't have time (we think). Everything is spread out. We leap great distances, but it matters none, for it's the same once we get there. It's what happens in between that is important, and that's the part we skip to get more out of our life. A bit of irony.

I thought about measured steps. I watched myself walk -- fast,slow. I always look at stuff in the gutters, washed down by rain. Always interesting stuff. I can't do it for long because I run into things.

I was at an impasse. Do I document walking, or give someone the experience of walking. I preferred the latter -- the attraction of film is to suspend/contract/expand time, and to put the audience in the middle -- maybe I could give someone a few minutes -- an excuse to stop and experience something they wouldn't/couldn't do otherwise.

The snow comes. I look outside. Wow! The sky is an intense gray, and it was starting to rain. I fiddle with some settings on the camera, run outside and shoot. Damn camera can only do a burst of 11 frames at a time -- make that more like 8. I have it wrapped in plastic. The rain starts, but I keep on.

What comes out is gloomy and dark. I live with it for a few days, and put some music together. Strange, gray, somber. Alien.

After a couple of days, I decide it is depressing and a bit tedious, and set out to try it again, but this time with twice as many frames, in 1/3 as much time. I want to feel energetic -- the opposite of before. It is sunny and the sky has amazing ripples of clouds. I spend too much time adding and deleting tracks in putting together the music -- I slam something together, tweek the synchompation to that it is just a little off-kilter, and go with it.

I am going to pursue this methodology further. I am not sure quite why, something about it compels me. Maybe because it breaks the illusion of persistence of vision, perhaps as a way to boost temporal quality of frames at the expense of speed, maybe to just slow things down.

Posted by general malarky on January 28, 2007 09:17 PM

I know what walk movie is not, yes... we do learn from experience. From there I have been thinking of walking in different ways. Is walking only a biological activity meaning does it have to be alive to walk. Do humans have to be involved in the video. More studies coming soon. I have found many interpretations of this assignment in class to be quite exciting. Good job guys.

Posted by AMT on February 8, 2007 12:35 PM